About Sanitas

A holistic salon nestled in the quiet neighborhood of Nakameguro
We offer a relaxing haven for those looking to wind down after an exciting vacation in Tokyo.
This salon is for women only.
The unique treatments offered are based on Chiropractic – a gentle hands-on manipulation of the spine combined with various alternative treatments. The experienced practitioner has treated over 40,000 clients in the past 17 years.
Our popular menus include:
– Full-body Chiropractic Treatment
– CO2 Facial Spa
– Herbal Tent
– Aromatherapy
*Credit cards accepted (VISA, AMEX, JCB)
*Not covered by insurance
1-6-13 Higashiyama Meguroku City
スタジオ108リテーラ中目黒 Room No.501
Tokyo 153-0043
Tel   +81 3 6412 8639